You have goals.

You have plans.

You follow through…

And still you keep failing?

The reason could be your self-image because it doesn’t care about your goals and your plans if they are not in alignment. As long as your self-image doesn’t agree with your ideas, it won’t comply.

The mean thing is that this happens subconsciously. And it’s powerful to the degree you might not even have a chance … IF … you surrender.

The good thing is that you DO have a chance because you CAN change your self-image.

Too many people felt lucky that they got promoted at first only to find themselves in a position where they felt like they couldn’t meet the expectations. This isn’t because they are incapable of doing a good job but because it didn’t fit into their self-image any longer.

So make sure that you check in with yourself and alter your self-image to fit the new position you are going after BEFORE you apply.

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