A few days ago a dear family member passed away of a heart attack. It just happened without anyone expecting it and suddenly a loved person is gone.⁣

Of course this makes me really sad and it also reminds me that we NEVER KNOW when something like this may happen. Somehow we manage to live our lives acting as if it will never be over until the loss of those we love shows us that there is an end for all of us and you never know exactly when it’s going to be for you.⁣

Of course I don’t wish for anyone to suffer from a heart attack. I just want you to realize that death is real and therefore you should have NO EXCUSES. At least that’s what I came to realize once more these days…⁣

• What have you been putting off far too long? Stop making excuses and start today.⁣

• What would you regret tomorrow if you had not done it today? Do it.⁣

Get serious. Be a little crazy if you will. And make yourself proud.