Just like in a good marriage where you’d leave your children with their grand parents so that you and your spouse can go on a date night, you should also have a regular date scheduled with your money.

What may sound a bit weird to you at first, especially if you haven’t done it yet, will determine how successful you are in reaching your financial goals. Because, if you don’t take the time to „date your money“ you will not be able to see if you are still on track or if you may need to do some adjustments.

Ask yourself: Do you know EXACTLY what’s coming in to and what’s going out from your bank account each month? What about upcoming expenses? Have you planned ahead?

Converting Income To Assets

The vast majority of people adjust increase their spending the moment they get a higher income. My advise: Keep your spending low and start investing to build assets that will generate your future income. Always think ahead!

Get Over The Fear Of Investing

Too many people are still scared of investing, so they’d rather stick to saving. There is no need to be scared. It’s simply a skill and you can learn it! And finally…

Make It A Habit To Pay Yourself First

Robert Kiyosaki talks about this in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad and I also can’t stress it enough. You’ve got to MAKE IT A HABIT to PAY YOURSELF FIRST. It simply means that you will ALWAYS (no matter what) take a certain amount or a set portion of your income the moment you get it, BEFORE you paid any other bills, and put it aside for YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS.

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Financial freedom starts with a money date with yourself.When you want to make money and become free from being the money slave in the office, follow these tips to get over them.

Posted by Lukas Xu on Thursday, 30 April 2020