Today’s work environment causes more and more people to feel stressed out about their workload, but also like being at the mercy of their circumstances. This helplessness often leads to resignation and in the worst case to burn out.

But there is hope! You CAN DO something about it and you DO NOT have to give in to your circumstances. Eliminating your stress is vital because over the long term will it not only cause your health to suffer but it will also lower your chances of getting that promotion.

The very first step you can take to lower your stress level is to ACCEPT IT. It may sound weird but we build up an internal resistance against our „circumstances” and by simply accepting it as it is we take that resistance away. By doing so you will free up energy that you can then use for your tasks at hand.

Next you should take FULL RESPONSIBILITY. This doesn’t mean that you actually are responsible for any situation but instead of wasting your energy for moaning, complaining, and resisting against it, take full ownership for what YOU CAN DO.

And finally make sure that you NEVER MULTITASK. By doing so you will be able to tackle even the most „stressful“ tasks at a level you’ve never experienced before.