How does this make sense, you may ask? Wouldn’t you need to show your boss your commitment through deliberately working overtime?

If your goal is to be burned out soon and therefore risk to maybe even lose your job instead of being promoted, keep working your ass off!

If your goal is to finally get that promotion in 2020, you should settle for less. What? Yes, that’s right. Doing less „stuff“ but doing exceptionally well in what you are focusing on.

You see, most „committed“ employees will take on more and more tasks, lose their focus in the process, and end up doing a crappy job. You want to deliberately CHOOSE the tasks that are most important, say No to all the „stuff“ and deliver RESULTS.

In my last post I told you to stop multitasking. It’s a huge misconception that we are able to do more than ONE THING at a time. And it’s an even bigger misconception that we will get more done through multitasking. The opposite is true, so DO NOT MULTITASK!

The ability to fully focus and immerse oneself into the task at hand has become so rare these days that it may be even possible that only this one skill will get you that promotion.

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