You get $1 million dollars to invest. What would you DO?!?! What will you invest in? And how will it go? These are the questions we ask ourselves in the game that I call: The Money Game!

00:00 How to Measure Success
Very often, success is measured through the amount of money we make and the amount of money we own. Even though we all know life is not about money.
Life is about doing what you like, enjoy what you do best and help others along the way.
The moment you do that, money will come by itself.

In this video today, I’ll show you how to play The Money Game!

02:37 Rule #1 It’s a game
No matter if you agree or disagree, this is always true. Money is just a game.
The moment you play a game more often, the better you get. This is the same with money.
I hear a lot of people complaining about others. How they are smart and how they can make money. In the end, when we know it’s just a game, dare to fail and get up again, and learn how to play this game.

04:19 Rule #2 The power of money
When you check news channels like CNN, CNBC, but even influencers and parents. They tell you to be careful with money. As if, money has the power to control people. But no, money has no power. Money is just an exchange of value, nothing more and nothing less. Don’t let yourself be sucked into the concept of money. Because money has no value by itself, it is what others give it to be.

05:28 Rule #3 Play YOUR money game
The biggest problem I see with clients and students around me, is that when they play the game, they always end up playing the game of others. What I mean with that is, that they keep comparing themselves to others.
If you want to be successful, just mind your own business. The moment you stop comparing yourself to others all the time it becomes easier to play the game. You need to beat yourself all of a sudden. And the moment you can, you win the game!

07:38 Bonus: Money Challenge
Now, let’s pretend I would give you $1 million dollars. You can’t keep it to yourself, you have to invest it. You can invest it in anything you like, in a stock, in a business, whatever you want to.
All the money you make through that business, after paying me back, is yours to keep.
My question to you is: What would you invest in? And how?