The ELMO Concept is necessary to overcome FAILURE, if you don’t know it yet, be sure to check how you can apply it right away!

The number one thing that helps me deal with failure, is learning how NOT to take things personally. This is hard, but once you can separate your identity from failure itself, the quicker you’re able to get over it. In this video I want to share with you how you can use failure to make you succeed.

Failing is a part of the learning process, and as
long as you know that, getting up after a failure shouldn’t be that hard.

01:58 #1 There is no SUCCESS, without FAILURE
I get it, this sounds very cheesy, but it’s true. Sometimes, we make mistakes. And if you don’t get up after the mistake, you are not going to learn anything. You have to do something, to learn something. Even if that means you’ve got to fail. You have to sacrifice something, in order to get something.

04:08 #2 ELMO
No, not the red monster of Sesame Street. It is actually a concept being used at meetings.
ELMO stands for: Enough, Let’s Move On. It basically means to not dwell on the mistake, accept it and just move on. You’ve failed, you lost some money, but what have you learned from this?
My tip to you is: Note down your progress. This way you can remember the steps you’ve taken that get you where you are today.

05:57 #3 Believe in opportunities
Just waiting for an opportunity to pass by, is never going to work. You have to do something, to get something. If you have accepted your mistake from step 2, it is time to really move on and start looking for opportunities again.
Know that if you keep on going, you’ll get there eventually. Those who do not try, will never.
If you are satisfied with the results you have now, good! Then you’ve reached your destination.
If not, be satisfied with what you have now, but also keep on going. No matter how many bad days there are on the stock market, as long as you have chosen the right stock, the good days will come.

07:41 Bonus: Challenge
Make a list that has your successes on it and look at it on days you feel down so you can get motivated. This way you think about the things you are capable of.

In the end, don’t let failure win. It’s just like a rainy day. It’ll pass and it reminds you of the sunny days that will come. :)