You probably know by now that everyone of us is constantly playing a role in our lives. In the morning you may wake up as a husband or wife, then quickly switch to father or mother, and when you get to your work place you fill in your role there.⠀

All the world’s a stage.” said one of Shakespeare’s characters and compared life to a play on stage. And even though the two can never be the same, there are certain parallels that we can use to help us move forward.⠀

The roles we play in life can also be seen as our identities that we take on according to different settings. I’m sure that most of you behave differently at work than at home ;)⠀

Now why should we consciously CHOOSE our role? If we assume that life is a play and we get to play our roles, here is one important aspect: We get to write our parts ourselves!⠀

So instead of giving in to whatever role/identity you might have bought into over the years, it’s up to you to CHOOSE to play it differently from today on. This also goes back to our values again as it’s important for you to ‘act’ accordingly.⠀

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