You know how everyone tells you to become more efficient by using to do lists. It’s true and I teach it to my clients, too. There is one side to it though that is often overlooked…⠀

Now you sit down in the evening and plan ahead for the next day. You write down all the things you need (better: want) to accomplish. When you get up the next morning there won’t be any guessing about what you should do because you already prepared it the day before.⠀

After some practice with this technique you will recognize that you actually do become better at accomplishing your daily to do’s faster simply by writing them down the night before. You may even plan ahead for the entire week if you like!⠀

But what happens when you are done with your tasks for the day?⠀

Most people tend to start wasting their precious time they gained from applying the to do list and instead of using it to recreate or invest in themselves they end up adding more tasks for themselves until they reach a point where they get stuck.⠀

Suddenly they end up in their own to do prison, only because they misinterpreted the whole concept of using to do lists to become more efficient. I actually work with 3 lists:⠀

• The to do list⠀
• A not to do list⠀
• And a fun list for when I’m done⠀

Try it out, it’s magic ????