Here’s a common fallacy many people are taken in by. They believe that in order to be more productive (and therefore increase their chances of getting a job promotion) they need to improve their time management skills.

They write their tasks down on a checklist or to-do list and get busy checking them off in order. Now that’s sure not a wrong thing to do but the system fails the moment an unplanned distraction comes up.

For example you are just working on one of your tasks for that day when a colleague or even your boss approaches you with another task they want you to do for them. Devoted as you are you feel tempted to interrupt your current task in order to quickly finish the unplanned distraction in between.

This is a simple yet very common example that happens like that every day in offices around the world. The conclusion is that you can’t really manage time. Time just passes by. It doesn’t care about your plans.

What you CAN DO instead is learn to manage YOURSELF. How are you going to respond to distractions? Will you stick to your plan or let others easily interrupt you?

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