Many of the clients I’ve been working with had very ambitious goals about their careers and they worked really hard to achieve them. Sometimes even too hard…

You know, working harder isn’t always the best solution if working hard didn’t get you where you wanted to be fast enough. Yes, I do encourage you to THINK BIG and set some unrealistic goals and pursue them with all you’ve got.

That’s just one side of the medal though. In Chinese culture we have the Yin and Yang philosophy. It’s the concept of dualism, that everything has also some of its opposite. The moment you become an achiever, you are also meant to fail.

Thinking BIG but taking SMALL steps.

Setting UNREALISTIC goals with REALISTIC milestones.

You need to understand that you can’t always move forward without ever going backward sometimes. That’s just how life is.

So instead of playing it hard on yourself all the time, take it easy sometimes and remind yourself of the things you have already achieved.

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