Self-Discipline —> Overworking Yourself —> Self-Sabotage —> Failing To Reach Your Goals

Now isn’t that something!?!

If you are into personal development, goal setting, and achieving success, I’m sure that you’ve come across the belief that self-discipline is ultimately the only thing that can get you there. It’s what keeps you going when you reach your limits so you can push through all the obstacles that are on your way. 

To a certain extent it’s true. A good portion of self-discipline is necessary and it’s what separates those who make it from those who give up too early.

And yet I’ve seen clients achieve the exact opposite from what they wanted BECAUSE they had „too much“ self-discipline. Like I wrote in the heading it led them to overwork themselves because they wanted to reach their so bad. The result was that they began to self-sabotage which finally led to them failing to reach their goals.

It’s funny how we sometimes need to let go of the things we want in order to get them…

So today I want to encourage you to allow yourself some rest. High performers even SCHEDULE their recreation and take it just as seriously as the work that will lead them to achieve their goals.

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