When you want to be successful, you need to learn to be self-disciplined. otherwise, all the dollars will just disappear even if you make a ton of money when you don’t know how to self-discipline yourself. When you want to be successful on the stock market, the very first thing you need to learn next to all the techniques, strategies and good practices about investing , is self-discipline. Now WHY? You might be thinking. Very simple… when you look up self-discipline in the dictionary. it says: the ability to make yourself do something, especially something difficult or unpleasant. But when you want to achieve success, it is not only about doing something difficult or unpleasant, it is also about stopping yourself when you know you’ve achieved your goal already. Like spending too much time on social media, or watching too much TV, or looking too much into certain stock movements. Interested in what you should do to create this self-discipline habit? Be sure to check out today’s video, as I’ll go through 3 of my strategies to make this self-discipline habit a successful one. And if you stay until the end, I’ll even give you one of my best challenges to practice for yourself.