I believe that investing in real estate in 2021 is still the best idea. Let me tell you why!

00:00​ Just the other week, I went to the public notary office to sign for several of my newly acquired properties. In this video I will tell you how.

00:53​ Where do you live? What do you own? Where do you want to be going towards to?
There are a few options:
The first option is, you still live at home, because you’re a student or you haven’t been able to buy a home yet, you still live with your parents but do have your own job already.
You will be able to save up some more money, instead of having to pay all the bills, each and every month. So it’s a great time to start!

The second option is, you live by yourself, or maybe even together with your life partner, but the place you live at is a rental.
If you like the place you live at and you wouldn’t mind staying here for another 5 – 10 years, why not ask your landlord if he’s willing to sell the place to you?

When you already own a property, by yourself, or together with your life partner, or while you have kids. This option is the most interesting one. Paying off a mortgage, just means your money is set in stone. The moment you have a property, that just means you are sitting on quite some money already that you can leverage.

03:46​ How do I get started on the real estate investment market?
In order to generate money, you need money to start with.
But how do you get started?
If you live at home, you most probably have low expenses, and are able to save quite some money each and every month. If you set your mind to it, you should be able to save up to this amount in maybe 2 or 3 years, and then you should be able to buy your first property.

When you live in a rental property, see if it is possible to save up money to buy your first property. If you do this well, you should be able to save this amount in a few years time.

When you have your own property already. What you should do, is have your home re-appraised by a real estate appraiser. He will be able to give you an estimate of how much your home is worth currently. And the amount of mortgage that you already have, in most case you will always have money in equity, that you can take out and use straight to buy your first property.

I started my real estate journey about a decade ago. I was just a regular school teacher. I know I have inspired many people throughout the years. But if you can stick to a discipline, and keep doing the same thing, life can become very easy and relaxed, the moment you know you can do this.
Because that’s the moment, you will be able to inspire others with the things that seem so normal to you.

06:21​ How did I get all my properties arranged?
So let me quickly describe my situation when I buy real estate. I always ask if the seller needs more time, and then I would set a date several months into the future.
That’s because, in that same time, I can look for more properties.