His is what I did with my $150,000. I sent it to usa to invest my money.

00:00 how graham stephan makes $150,000
Making your first $100,000 dollars seem the hardest. But when you do make it, the question is, how do you spend it, without wasting it. In this video I will describe you my story of 2018, what happened, and how I spent it.

01:43 how did I get $150,000?
The first question is, how did I get $150,000 dollars, and no I do not sell drugs, and yet sometimes when I look at the bank account, I do have the feeling that I do, haha. But after selling off a rental property, you get a lot of money, all of a sudden, and when you already do know that you’ll get a lot of money, you must have a purpose for it.

03:35 how do you spend $150,000?
The moment you know you get money, have a plan for the cash. So, in my case, I had to look for an investment to spend my money on. You want your money to be safe, and you want to have a good return at the same time.

04:34 criteria #1 ability to leverage money
Since I’m in real estate investing, the important thing is let’s find an opportunity to spend money on real estate, and yes you should be able to leverage your money. So we had to find a suitable property.

04:51 criteria #2 find suitable family homes
Then, you need to know what kind of home are we looking for. It needs to be a family home. Not just an apartment or simple home, but a home suited for a family.

05:43 criteria #3 families that can’t get a mortgage
It is hard to get an mortgage for certain families. It is important to help families that have it difficult.

06:26 criteria #4 we act as a bank
Our task is that we need to act as a bank, then you can leverage your money in a different way, because then you can get your returns there. As philantropist.

07:51 why did we buy these particular homes?
These homes have one flaw, and that is that these houses look horrible, inside and outside, but fundamentally still just fine.

09:55 why these families?
These families will be able to buy a home, and stay in our homes for a longer time period.

11:57 how you can do this as well
If you want to learn more, you can reach out to me. I could teach you as well, how you could do the same thing.