Imagine receiving a new task from your boss with the statement “Do your best.” How would you approach it? And be honest!
Isn’t it true that most of us would interpret it as just get it done. And that’s exactly the problem. Btw using the word ‘exactly’ here … as long as we don’t have EXACT instructions as to what “Do your best” actually means, how are we going to know where to set the bar?
Everyone’s best is different. That’s one thing. The other is, as I mentioned, that we tend to do just enough when asked to do our best.
So next time you’re asked to “do your best” either give it YOUR VERY BEST plus the extra mile or ask for clear instructions. The other way around it’s the same of course. What can you expect from others if you don’t expect much from yourself?
People often fail to give clear instructions and end up complaining about the results they get from others. So make sure you know exactly what you want and communicate it in a precise way so there won’t be much room for interpretation like in “Do you best.”
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