Bill gates sold all of his shares in Alibaba, But why? And why did he also sold all of his in uber? In this video I will tell you why he did this.

00:00​ Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Bill gates’ trusts the bill and Melinda gates foundation has sold all their Alibaba shares. The Chinese e-commerce giant with Jack Ma at its head. Bill pulled his investments out of Alibaba and taken out over 128 million dollars having a profit of over 20 million dollars though. So not bad I suppose, since he bought those shares for a 100 million dollars.

01:05​ Alibaba
Alibaba shares that bill gates sold and next to that bill gates also sold all his shares in uber technologies. now gates didn’t have that many shares in uber. But all his 26.767 shares he sold them all in the fourth quarter of 2020. But Why? And what did it do with the market?

02:48​ Bill gates Apple shares
Another huge change to bill gates’s investment portfolio is that he pulled half of his apple shares. he had over 2 million shares. and he sold off 1 million of his shares. Apple had a huge success in 2020, with a gain of 80% and yet, bill gates has sold half of his investments in apple. But again why?

03:56​ Back to Alibaba
If you’re in the investment world, I’m sure you know jack ma. The former ceo of the Alibaba group.
Now the Alibaba group has grown almost 10% throughout 2020, despite the disappearance of jack ma back in October 2020 the stocks fell with almost 50% from that quarter. Though stocks rose again once jack ma resurfaced in a video after being out of the public eye for months. Now the regulations on Alibaba were lifted in February of this year.. and that causes Alibaba’s stock to rise again but bill gates has already sold all of his half a million shares he had in Alibaba.

05:22​ Schrodinger
company that offers a software platform used in the drug-discovery process. And no not that kind og drug but the drugs for The health care department. Back in February 2020, shares of schrodinger were offered for only 17 dollars per share back in the fourth quarter of 2020, share prices already rose to 40 dollars per share. But schrodinger closed 2020 with a gain of 460%. A good reason for bill gates to buy 2 million shares from schrodinger. Causing them to grow another 30% in these 2 months of this year. So, my question to you is… should you be buying into the drug discovery companies?