To make this clear straight away: Cash is not an investment. But that’s not the reason why cash is a bad investment.

So actually the headline might be a bit misleading ;)

Yet so many people still confuse their SAVINGS with investing. Those aren’t the same either.

Yes it’s true that cash is a POSITION within your portfolio. But it’s never an investment in itself.

Why Cash Is A Bad Investment

In fact the value of cash will always depreciate. The money you put in the bank today will have less VALUE ten years from now.

Strictly speaking money itself does not have any value except the value we assign to it.

Take your job for example. You do your work and receive your salary in exchange for the value you gave to your employer. The money is simply a container that is used to transfer that value so you can now use it in exchange for something else.

What you need to understand is that money itself never grows in value. That means that you will have to pay more money in the future to get the same value. This is called inflation.

So instead of saving, you want to start investing in assets that will APPRECIATE in value. That’s the actual way to GROW YOUR MONEY in the long term. 

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Why Cash is a Bad investment, the dumbest investment ever. Watch today's video what you could do to be smarter and make money how the rich people do.

Posted by Lukas Xu on Thursday, 16 April 2020