Most people never pay themselves first.
and what does that mean, paying yourself first.
I see it as how you value yourself.

Your employer values your time, and work you do for him, by giving you your payment (or salary, however you want to call it) at the end of the month.

Now, understand that this amount your employer gives you, is NOT what You give Yourself.
because the moment you get money in, you tend to pay for all sorts of things first, BEFORE you pay yourself.

9 out of 10 people, pay themselves last.

so in this video, I will go through the reason why people do not pay themselves first…
and i’ll even show you how I apply the how to pay yourself first method.

I do this by going through 7 steps, every month again.

step 1: pay yourself first
step 2: investment
step 3: emergency fund
step 4: needs
step 5: short term savings
step 6: guilt free spending
step 7: remaining amount, and I invest the remaining part of my monthly money.