Just the other day, I heard that one of the tenants left a mess in the home. Instead of trying to explain this to you through a story, why not just join me to the property?

00:00​ What happened?
tenants move out, that just happens. Maybe because their family became bigger and they want some more space, or maybe they have to move because of a job.
The tenants that moved out recently left a huge mess in the home. Obviously, I wanted to know how bad it was. So I went to look, and I took you with me!

01:14​ Let’s go take a look!
In the video I’ll show you what damage there is for us to fix. And of course I give you a little tour of the home.

03:46​ What did we do after?
Now, this can sound weird, but eventhough the tenants made the mess, we have to clean it up. Because after all, we are responsible of what happens with the home.
We sent a contractor over to fix holes in the walls, the window frames, the warm water boiler and we even replaced the ceiling in the bathroom because it had mold in it. After that was done, we sent a cleaning team over to clean the property.

04:35​ How much time did we lose?
Normally, a family has to send a month notice before leaving the property. Then my real estate agent will start looking for a new family. The moment the previous family leaves, the new family moves in right away. So no days are passed. This time, there was a time loss of about 10 days.
So currently, as you are watching this video, we have a new family living in the property.