Corona is making the rounds in the news. I almost don’t dare mention it but since we all are affected by the consequences I can’t help but share my point of view as well, so forgive me ;)

What I want you to understand is that a shitty situation like this also has great opportunity to it. Please don’t get me wrong here. I don’t mean to exploit the situation, especially in view of the people who got infected.

On the other hand, missing a great opportunity like this only because of personal moral concerns doesn’t make much sense in my opinion. So what’s the opportunity here then since everything seems to be going crazy?

Did you have a look at the stock market lately? I’m sure you didn’t miss that the market is currently falling hard. I’m currently all negative with my investments but I don’t panic. Why? Because those „losses“ are only on paper as long as I don’t sell.

Instead I lean back and smile because I know that right now is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go shopping at a huge discount! That’s what most people don’t realize. They panic-sell their shares to cut losses only to get back in at higher prices when the markets have recovered.

That’s not how I do it though. And you shouldn’t either.