Maybe you’ve heard it before, that you should pay yourself first. For me it was Robert Kiyosaki who left his mark on me about this term. Yet in my opinion he was missing one important aspect of it…

Pay yourself first in his context was meant that you should put aside a certain amount of money for yourself at the beginning of every month before paying for any other expenses. So the term is purely related to a financial context.

As a mentor and coach on the other hand I know that investing in yourself will pay the best dividends. Now I’m not saying that is not at all money related but it really doesn’t have to be.

Investing in yourself can of course mean that you attend seminars or buy courses. It can also mean that you improve your skills otherwise:

– You can improve the way you treat yourself and other people

– You can ensure that you work on your goals first before doing things for others

– You can deliberately implement new habits that will serve you

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