In my last posts I talked about your values and how they affect your life and your career as well as your productivity. Today we want to take a slightly different look and move from values to virtues.⠀

While values reflect what is acceptable in terms of culture and society, virtues reflect our individual human characteristics. Another important distinction is that values are subjective as we can decide what is important to us while virtues are qualities that are universally accepted and of high moral value.⠀

The great thing about virtues is that everyone can actually acquire them through learning. You may have subconsciously picked some up, but you can also consciously develop those that will serve you.⠀

Here are 4 virtues that will definitely help you live a better life as well as move forward in your career:⠀

1. Wisdom – examine your gut feelings to make wise decisions⠀
2. Justice – separate what’s important from the unimportant⠀
3. Courage – face your fears and do what’s right⠀
4. Moderation – know how much is enough⠀

Learn to practice those virtues in your daily life and you will soon become well respected and an example for the people around you. For more info about how to get that job promotion, go here.