This is a bit weird because a rising unemployment rate wouldn’t usually cause the markets to go up. But since we are currently in a crisis as well as a bear rally things might be a little „off track“…

The reason for a further increase in stock prices can vary of course. One can be that there are still buyers who don’t want to miss out on the bear rally while there aren’t as many sellers which causes the prices to go further up.

Besides those current market conditions I’ve been getting many requests lately about what people can do to get started investing while there is still a great opportunity. Even though you can always get started, regardless of what the markets are currently doing, there are times when you get presented with an opportunity to get in at a low. (Perfectly timing the market is still nearly impossible though.)

So if you are forced to stay at home due to the ongoing lockdown, instead of watching Netflix all day long, you can use your time wisely and learn how to become a successful investor. Many people call themselves lucky when they actually just got presented with the right opportunity AND they were prepared to take the advantage.

You can do both now:


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26 million people unemployed and yet the stock market is growing, what is wrong with the world. Are you still in lockdown…? Watch today's video to learn how things can be like this!

Posted by Lukas Xu on Tuesday, 28 April 2020