Working has become tough these days as complexity has been growing to an extent that if you would show someone from 50 years ago what you are doing today in a regular work day they’d go nuts ????. Tasks that were spread among several workers are now combined in one person, supported through technology.
Simple example: a truck driver ????. In the past they would drive their truck and make sure to safely take their load from A to B. Today the same person has to ensure their high tech machine is in good condition, load and unload it, do all the paper work that goes with it, track their hours, deal with road fees, and a shit load of other tasks combined in the simple job of a truck driver.
On top of that increasing complexity we are constantly distracted. Our brains rarely ever get the chance to rest and we seldom force ourselves to FOCUS.
And that is what’s becoming more and more rare. It’s the ability to truly focus on one task and to give it our FULL ATTENTION over a longer period of time. Develop that ability for yourself and you will put yourself far ahead of your competitors.
So if you are looking to be the next one to get that job promotion, learn to FOCUS.