There are a few tips that all serious investors follow, these are the 5 best pieces of advice you need to know of.

00:00 why good investors do this
All investors educate themselves before stashing their money in some sort of investment that they do not have any knowledge on. This is why they read books. If you haven’t checked out my latest book yet, click the link down below in the description here.

00:56 investor advice #1: don’t check your stocks daily
Stocks have the advantage that you can buy and sell within the same day, and the market is so liquid that the moment you offer your stock to the marketplace, there will almost always be a buyer ready to take your stock from you. And same goes the other way around. If you want to buy a stock, you can, like almost instantly. But the downside to it is that you can buy and sell whenever you feel like it, and this triggers the emotions. And everyone knows, emotions are horrible at making rational decisions. And when you can’t make rational decisions, you can’t make clear decisions on the stock market that are meant for smart investments.

05:20 investor advice #2: live off 1 income, invest the other
Most people will start to find their life partner, in their 20s, in their 30s. That’s also the time, when you combine the income you both have, and mostly, what you’ll notice is that you’ll have more money to spend. Instead of actually spending that money that you both have, try and see if it is possible to only live off from 1 income, and use the other person’s income as investment. That way you’ll be able to grow faster, and growing faster means getting to your financial goals faster. And yes, living in a bigger home is nice, and having a newer car is, but then again.. Is it really necessary to have more luxury to make your life complete?

07:45 investor advice #3: buying stocks = buying the business
The interesting part is, when we buy stocks, we see it as equity that can make us money, but in the end, it is the other way around. When you invest your money in a certain equity, the idea is that you give a certain company your money to invest, and that particular company can use your money to invest and grow their company. And with that in mind, when you buy a certain stock, the idea is that you also ‘buy’ their ideas and their mission. So, you have to see it like that… Buy the business, and not only a stock of their company. This way you’ll research the business far better, and you’ll be far more diligent when investing your money.

10:59 investor advice #4: treat all investments the same
Buying a stock is like buying a home to me. Whenever you plan to spend your hard earned money to buy a home, and when the housing market drops, theoretically it means that the value of your home will have dropped as well. But then again, if somebody tells you that your home is valued lower, and that you should sell your home for cheaper, doesn’t make any sense. And the same applies to stocks. The stock market price of shares are not the prices of the actual value of the stock, the actual value is what you research yourself. So, whenever investing, research before buying or selling.

13:47 investor advice #5: learn to say no
There are so many opportunities out there, learn to say yes and no.

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