Stop Giving Away Your Money: This week has been a tough week as I’ve been working really hard, even though I consider myself hard working in general. Yet I also got to reap the rewards which resulted in an extra 15k on top of my regular income.

Now I don’t say this to brag or anything. It’s only to demonstrate that if you put in the necessary work ethic you will (at some point) reap the reward. The only problem where most people tend to give up is that they don’t know when „at some point“ is going to be…

Anyways, what I mean by today’s headline Stop Giving Away Your Money is that so many people out there are putting in a lot of effort to generate their income. That’s why we call it „hard earned“ to begin with.

What I tend to come across though is that once they gained it, people tend to give their money away. What I mean by that is that they don’t educate themselves how to properly invest so that they can make their own investment decisions.

Instead they give their „hard earned“ money away to some company or individual who promises them that they are going to „take good care“ of their money. Even though it may be their best interest, I still don’t get it.

I prefer to teach my clients how to take care of their money themselves instead and to stop giving away your money.

I also did a recording on this topic where I go into some more detail. You can watch it here (use Chrome browser):

Why so many people give away their money. And why most likely you are one of them. Watch today's video to stop giving away money.

Posted by Lukas Xu on Thursday, 23 April 2020