A few days ago I talked about autopilot and its pros and cons. The good thing is that it lets you do a lot of things without having to waste time thinking about it but just get it done. On the contrary you run the risk of remaining where you are if you constantly run on autopilot.

Too many people unconsciously go through their work days without even noticing at which point exactly their autopilot goes on. For a lot of them it’s probably from the time they wake up until they go to bed. So it even affects your private life as well.

And even though our autopilot is a very helpful tool, the problem is that we don’t use it that way. Instead of making things happen we let them happen.

And if our autopilot won’t switch on by itself we try to use our willpower to push through. This will work for a certain amount of time but at the end we fall back into our unconscious pattern again…

And that’s the thing. It simply works. But you need to learn how to switch from your unconscious behavior to actively deciding when and how you want to use your autopilot-tool. That’s what you use your willpower for and then let your autopilot do the work ;)

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