What did you want to be when you grow up?

Remember how you got asked that question as a child?

At an early age you got faced with a long term question like this. And like most children you probably wanted to be one of the cool guys, like a fireman or maybe a police officer. Who would think about working a dead boring office job as a child.

What happened to your dreams then? Did life get in the way? Did reality overtake you?

Isn’t it funny how you got presented with a long term question like this at an early age and then you never got taught how to pursue that long term goal. Don’t blame them (your parents or your school teachers) though as they’ve never been taught to think long term either.

Most people live their lives short term. They get a job that can pay the bills and the longest they can think of is where their next vacation should be (which is focused on spending but that’s another topic). Their salary will last almost exactly for one month just before the next paycheck is due. They may have some savings in case something unforeseen happens but that’s about it.

No long term strategy whatsoever. How are you going to build your wealth like that? Never.

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