You need to actively show your boss that you are a good candidate for a job promotion and that you are capable of taking on further responsibilities. Use every opportunity to grab his attention and convince him of your skills. It’s all about continuously show up and being present … without overdoing though. It can be a little bit difficult sometimes to find the right balance between showing that you are capable without coming across as a bragger. As long as you are genuine and authentic you should be fine ;)

So here are our seven tips:

1️⃣ Pass on praise from customers

2️⃣ Add value by providing solutions for problems during meetings

3️⃣ Use meetings to present your skills

4️⃣ Show that you are motivated and committed by asking for possibilities to improve your skills through further training

5️⃣ Also do further trainings on your own behalf and keep you boss informed about your efforts

6️⃣ Show genuine interest in your company: train new employees, take part in initiatives, etc. (don’t overdo it though)

7️⃣ Be a team player: show interest in your colleagues needs and use opportunities to show some leadership skills

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