Corona is spreading and the world is coming to an end. Well, kind of, as governments are now forcing people to stay at home. Schools are shut down and public activities have been reduced to the bare minimum.

Everyone is affected and there is no chance to get around it. All we can do now is make the best out of the situation. But what’s the best? ????

Teachers have prepared homework so that our children are still able to keep learning while the schools are closed.

And the parents? Who is preparing their homework?

Sure some are still working if they are in jobs needed to keep our society going. Others may be doing home office. Yet a lot of people will be forced to take a break, for example if production is halted.

How are you taking advantage of the situation?

Yes, you heard me right. Now you could go ahead and binge watch Netflix for the next five or six weeks (which probably a lot of are actually going to do).

OR you could make the best out of the situation and use the freedom that got forced upon you and learn a new skill. The usual „I don’t have enough time“ excuse just got invalid.

So what about a new investment skill?

With my new course you can now take advantage both of the current price falls AND the fact that you have time now.????