Isn’t it funny how we all got raised by our parents teaching us to save up our money. At first it would be some pocket money and later on maybe from your first job. By then you may have begun to regularly spend a portion but as long as you stayed with your parents at least you didn’t have to come up for all the expenses that they took care of.

What’s interesting though is that you were always told to SAVE, never to INVEST:

„Don’t spend your money now. Save it for later.“

But why always only save it for later? Depending on what your goals are saving makes sense. But only short term. In the long term you want to start investing to make your money grow. That way you can leverage time and compound interest.

Our society doesn’t seem to know that though or at least no one ever seems to talk about it. No matter if it’s at home or at school or even university, people always just talk (and think) short term.

The most successful investors out there (like Warren Buffet for example) are those who were able to stick to a LONG TERM PLAN and leverage the power of compound interest.

So keep your savings for the short term but start investing for the long term as well! You can learn how here:

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