Everyone starts to invest at some point in their lives. They finish university, start a career and as the salary rises they begin thinking about how they can invest to increase their savings.

Then the odyssey begins … they range between the fear of missing out (FOMO) and fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). When the markets are going up, they hesitate until it reaches its peak before getting in to participate in the rally. Soon the market turns downwards and they hesitate, hoping that it will go up again, until panic selling at the bottom.

What sounds a little exaggerated here is the sad reality for many rookie investors. But what are the alternatives?

Most people turn to insurance companies, hoping that their products will keep the promises.

Hiring a financial planner to assist you could be better option. They would sure cost you but may also save you from taking losses. And they get paid independently from what you buy so they are not biased.

The best option though in my opinion is to educate yourself. Learn the skill how to pick the right investments that will make you profits and learn to play the game in the long run.

If you use my strategy you would neither get in when it’s too late nor panic sell at the bottom.