How is your relationship with money?

Are you relaxed and playful about it?

Or do you, like most people, tend to be somewhat uncomfortable?

How are your spending habits?

And what about your savings?

When it comes to money we all have a certain belief system that runs our subconscious money program. Ever since T. Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind the term of the money blueprint has become popular. And there is quite some truth in it…

Do you remember playing shopping as a child? Maybe you even had a children’s shop where you could „buy“ groceries. It was the simple exchange of value (in form of a product) for money. Nothing to be serious about.

So when did it happen that we developed our (often negative) belief system around money?

Most likely as we grew up and saw how our parents dealt with money. Was it something that was always there or was there a lack of? Could you easily spend or did you have to forgo many things? Di you pay off debt or invest?

As you see there is a lot attached to money and as we grow up we tend to take it a lot more seriously. Especially if it’s „hard earned“. But why?

Money is simply a means to exchange and store value. Everything else is just beliefs we attached to it. So what are yours?