Did you ever have days at work that stretched themselves seemingly forever and „felt“ they just wouldn’t end but still it „felt“ like you didn’t accomplish anything? Whereas on other days when you were completely in the zone and accomplished more than you had planned for it didn’t „feel“ that long at all?

Those are just two everyday examples that might be relatable for most of you. What’s important to understand here is that way too often we tend to take opinions for facts.

How often do you see people come up with ideas but then they expect others to review and give instructions on how to implement them. They have an opinion about something but they miss the facts.

Whenever you come up with ideas or changes that should be made „in your opinion“ make sure to support them with facts. Want to impress your boss? Don’t just present your idea. Get some numbers, make it concrete. (That’s proactive behavior by the way.)

This is how you will stand out from the masses. Everyone has ideas, some good and some ok, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is if you proactively engage with them. That is what makes the difference.

Would you like a concrete step-by-step guide how to get your job promotion?