What are the money moves to make before 30? Avoid the most common mistakes most people make and discover the money moves to make before 30 in 6 simple steps.

So here are the six steps…

Money Moves To Make Before 30

This post is especially aimed at the younger generation who are still under 30 but should also be helpful to everyone else who hasn’t implemented these steps. Remember, it’s never too late to get started!

Step #1 – Emergency Fund

This is a critical step most people tend to overlook. So before anything else make sure that you have an emergency fund set up.

Step #2 – Allocate Each $

The $ symbol stands for any local currency. What it means is that you should really think about every single $ you spend. The standard question to ask yourself is „do I really need this?“

Step #3 – Invest In Yourself

Yes, we all want to invest our money to make it grow but what most people tend to forget is that before we can do that we need to gain the knowledge. And the best investment you can make is the investment in yourself.

Step #4 – Your Retirement Plan

Nowadays no one really believes that the government will take care of our retirement any more. Yet most people still act like it. The earlier you start to plan (and invest) for your retirement the easier it gets.

Step #5 – Get Rid Of Bad Debt

Pay off your credit card loans and any other kind of debt that’s taking money out of your pocket.

Step #6 – Make Peace With Money

Money itself doesn’t really have a value besides the value we give to it. So money itself can not be bad or good or anything.

These are the money moves to make before 30. Do them and you will see how your relationship with money changes :)

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Posted by Lukas Xu on Thursday, 9 April 2020