Although that should be quite obvious we still see it a lot within almost any company. There are always some of them around and you probably know them well. The ones that always have something to say about everything, mostly in a negative way, but they never offer a solution themselves. That’s up to their leaders. They even expect them to solve their problems and make their work life as convenient as possible.

Don’t be one of those! Even though it should be pretty much obvious that this kind of behavior will never put you in a position where you’d be considered for a promotion. Yet it happens so easily that we often don’t even recognize when we are moaning about things that aren’t going well.

Steven Covey’s first habit is about being proactive. That’s exactly how you want to show up. So instead of moaning and complaining about things, be proactive, seek out and provide solutions.

Only bring those topics to speech that you’ve already examined in your mind, discussed possible solutions with colleagues, and where you can actually ADD VALUE.


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