Mistakes To Avoid When Investing: Back in school the worst you could get for making mistakes were some bad grades. Sure for some of us that may have caused some problems but in the end it didn’t really matter all that much.

When it comes to mistakes to avoid when investing though making (too many) mistakes can — and often will — result in the loss of money. Money you’ve been working hard for to save it up so that you could finally start to invest and grow your money.

At this point most new investors keep making those common mistakes which can cost them greatly. And I was one of them ;)

After having gone through those mistakes to avoid when investing myself I would like to share them with you so that you don’t have to make those same mistakes.

1 – The first mistake new investors tend to make is that they follow the crowd.

2 – The second mistake is that they look too often.

3 – Some new investors make the mistake to buy private stocks when they believe that a certain company might do well. 

4 – They don’t follow a proven strategy or, even worse, they don’t have any strategy at all. (You’d be surprised how common this mistake is!)

5 – They let others take care of their money.

There is of course a lot more to it. Watch the full episode here (use Chrome browser):

What errors to avoid when starting out on the stock market as an investor.

Posted by Lukas Xu on Sunday, 19 April 2020