Did you know that people are less motivated to put in their best effort when the chances of winning decrease due to a higher number of competitors?⠀

In their article “The N-Effect: More Competitors, Less Competition” researchers Stephen M. Garcia and Avishalom Tor introduced what they call the N-effect—the discovery that increasing the number of competitors (N) decreases the motivation to compete.⠀

This goes for any kind of competition, be it sports or competing for a new job or a job promotion. Whenever the number of competitors increases motivation among the competitors decreases.⠀

You may have unknowingly experienced this effect yourself in the past. From now on though, since you know about it, you can use that knowledge to your advantage.⠀

Put in you best effort ALL THE TIME regardless your chances of winning and winning will become more likely for you as many of your competitors may fall victim to the N-effect.⠀

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