In my last post I talked about „hard earned“ money and how it’s our perception rather that an objective fact that our work is really hard. However it is true that we have to work hard in the sense of A LOT in order to reach our financial goals sooner than later.

Now that we changed our attitude towards hard work there is another important distinction that we need to understand if we want to become wealthy. Get this:

Work doesn’t need to be hard but we may have to work hard. <— Read that again.

Most people want the easy life and therefore they don’t put much effort into their work. They perceive their work as hard but they don’t really work hard. They do what’s easy and therefore their life is hard.

A smarter approach would be to view your work as easy but put in all the effort to produce the best possible results. That’s where your mindset shift starts…

Next you want to start thinking about the money you earned. One more thing that distinguishes wealthy people from the average is that the work REALLY hard for a certain amount of time so that they can then move from working hard to working smart.

The average person stays at NOT really working hard and they never make it to smart. On which end are you?