Investing on autopilot should be the dream of any prospective investor. The question asked of course is how to achieve it. Is it really possible to set up and maintain an investment strategy that will take care of itself?

If we were to compare investing to flying an airplane it’s kind of like being the pilot who manually starts and lands the plane. While in the air though the plane flies by itself and pilot’s job is to monitor the autopilot.

Any passive investment strategy requires you to do proper research and decide which investments to choose (starting the plane). Once that part is finished you let your autopilot take over and just keep monitoring your investments until it’s time to sell (landing).

Imagine taking only 2 minutes per month to check in on your investments to monitor if your autopilot is still doing fine. If necessary you make some adjustments or sell some of your share to take profit. The majority of the time you lean back and relax, knowing that you can trust the process.

What would you say if I told you that that’s my reality because it’s exactly how I do it. I prefer the passive approach (investing on autopilot) because I like to enjoy life and simply have fun while my investments take care of themselves :)

If you want to learn more about my approach on investing on autopilot, you can watch the full episode here (use Chrome browser):

How the autopilot function can make you successful on the stock market. Learn this skill today and make money tomorrow.

Posted by Lukas Xu on Wednesday, 22 April 2020