If you’ve been reading my posts you’ve probably seen me talk about this before. Your self-confidence will determine whether or not you are going to get that job promotion among others.

One sure way (with a nice side effect) to increase your own self-confidence is being nice to others. You should always seek opportunities to build up other people’s self-confidence through your sheer presence and you behavior.

The easiest way to accomplish it is to complement them and show that you are grateful whenever possible. It doesn’t have to be huge things. It’s often said that the little things matter the most as they compound up over time.

So each time you enter a conversation make sure to say something nice about the other person. Same goes for emails or when you’re writing a letter to someone.

And the nice side effect of all this effort is that you will become more self-confident yourself as you practice being kind to others. So it’s definitely a WIN-WIN situation!

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