When was the last time you sat down and deliberately thought about your values? Never? Well that wouldn’t surprise me at all ????

In fact almost no one ever does that and yet it’s our values that determine our decisions, how we show up every day, how we re-act in certain situations … and much more. In today’s complex world we are constantly making decisions without really knowing why.

In order to be able to make “good” decisions fast you may have to step back for a while at first, deliberately think things through, and analyze your gut feelings. Do that for a period time until you reach a point where your own decisions start to become more clear to you in an objective sense, thus knowing the underlying values that determine your decision making.

Sometimes we need to hold our breath in order to survive. In our context this means that sometimes we need to spend time in order to save time.

Spend the time you need to become clear about your values, so that you can make fast, clear decisions based on them. That will make you super productive (in your own best interest) in the long run!

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