Should you be working hard or should you be working smart? Well, smart seems the best way to go, right? In this video we’ll go through why only poor people will work hard

00:00 From working hard to working smart
Working hard, working smart, what does it mean? In this video I would like to share this with you.
How you can go from working hard to working smart, not only for one time, but for each opportunity you take on. This is how you can go from working hard to working smart.

The route to take is the following
01:34 Step 1: Make money
Each person has the same amount of time. If you use it wisely, you can make lots of money out of it. I will tell you how. And I will show you how to scale this.

03:15 Step 2: Instead of spending the money, save/invest it
Step 1 is done. We made money. But now, what to do with it? When we get more money, we are most likely triggered to spend it. So discipline yourself and set the extra money aside. Even though it’s hard.

04:43 Step 3: What to invest in?
If you don’t want to set all your extra money aside, you can invest it. I will tell you what to invest in. Think about assets that will generate you more money over time. Especially assets that cost you little time in the future. Because, time is money.

08:54 Bonus for today
Educate yourself first, before going full speed at this. Because in the end, if you don’t know which direction you’re going into, it might just be a waste of your own time. Look around you and see if you can learn from others who’ve done it before you. Because there are so many out there.

11:00 Your best buy!
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