Wondering how to vet the best tenant in 2020? Be sure to check out how I do it, in this video today.

Why Victoria and Lucy gave me this great topic
Vetting tenants is an issue that is necessary, whenever you become a home owner of rental properties. Victoria and Lucy asked me the question about this, and that’s why I thought, great idea to shoot a video about this. Be sure to check out their channel as well.

Step #1: Who is going to live in your property
Before going to look for tenants, what property are we talking about. Because each home has different wishes, and will also target different people to live in. so if you have an apartment, it will attract different kinds of people than terraced homes. And therefore, first think, who will live in your home, and target those people.

Step #2 post your rental property on the internet
Different kinds of places on the internet, will attract different kinds of audiences. We like facebook marketplace has it is easy to access, and easy to share, but in most cases it attracts the wrong type of people, many people like it, a lot of people will even hit the application form, but very few fill it in. therefore, we prefer websites like jaap.nl, pararius.nl or funda.nl which are housing websites that also offer the service of rental properties being offered online.
And if that doesn’t work out, going to your local real estate agency will also work out, as they have their own network you could use, but most likely, that’ll cost you as well, but then again, if they have suitable tenants… why not?

Step #3 background check
Doing a background check is so information. We do not only do ID checks, but also do job checks, previous job checks, previous rental property check, parents check. Just to see if this person is really capable of renting my place and will be staying for a while (or not).

Horror of a landlord
The reason why we do extensive tenant checks, is that one time we had a horror situation a landlord never wants to be in. we had a possible drug organization that wanted to rent the place and then install weed plants throughout the whole apartment. We double crossed luckily by doing an extensive background check for a very first time… and this was with luck, so I’m happy it worked out, but it was very scary and exciting at the same time.

Bonus: how to have tenants stay long
We know our tenants, we know who lives in the property, we know how many family members they have. And we care about them as well. We send Christmas cards to our tenants, birthday wishes, but even give a huge bonus to our tenants. And this has been the game changer for so many tenants. Reason for them to stay even longer with us. Just because of the huge bonus we give, after every two years of good tenant-ship.

How you can have happy tenants and happy landlords
Building a good relationship with your tenants will make both parties the happiest. And that really matters!