How to use OPM to your advantage

When I have a 100k to invest, I tend to invest in real estate, like many others. But how should you invest that, by buying one property or can you use other people’s money to buy property with?
and what about the risks that are involved?

In this video I explain how you can make good use of OPM and make your own dollars worth even more!

Oh, and yes, my CFO told me that my 30% / 70% are off. The actual down payment amounts are
– 27k (30% of 90k)
– 29.1k (30% of 97k)
– 29.7k (30% of 99k)
This brings the total to 86.4k (instead of the 95k shown on the video.)

But hey, they are wrong in the direction that makes the OPM example even better than what I show in this video, so no harm, no foul. :)