You want to talk to your boss about getting promoted? There is no need to wait for your yearly feedback meeting, but you’d better be prepared when you talk to him. When you think about asking for a meeting make sure to time it well. For instance you should make sure that you are always well informed about the general situation of the company so he won’t be stressed out about things that you could have known of.

When you are actually going to talk to your boss about a possible promotion make sure to have some arguments at hand that will convince him why it’s a good idea. You can use some tools that we’ve presented in former posts like rehearsing the meeting and practicing negotiation skills. Remember that listening is no. one?

Here are some possible questions that you should have answers prepared for:

✅ What’s your current position and what are you doing?

✅ What’s your skillset and how do you add value?

✅ How would the company benefit from your promotion? (Very important!)

✅ Are there currently vacancies that you might be a good fit for?

✅ What are your weaknesses? (No one is good at everything. Show how you can realistically assess yourself.)

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