If you set yourself the goal of getting that job promotion at last this year, then this is for you! One very important skill that’s often overlooked when it comes to advancing in your career is the ability to negotiate effectively.

It’s about gaining people’s trust. That of your boss but also, which might be even more important, that of you colleagues. Because your colleagues are the ones who will be voting for you at some point during your career. So the earlier you gain their trust and respect the higher your chance will be to get that job promotion you’ve been working towards.

Now here’s one tip that you can easily start implementing today that will already give you a high advantage. You need to understand that negotiating isn’t just about presenting or talking to other people in certain ways. Before you even get to that part you need to master the skill of LISTENING.

When you learn how to really listen to your colleague’s needs, but also your boss, with the INTENTION to genuinely UNDERSTAND, you are already ahead of most of your competition.

That’s it. From today on make it a habit to listen with intent and don’t listen just to reply.

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