This is part 1 of a 2 series video of how to make a $1000 income in a week in 2020. If you are looking to make an active or passive income of something like $1000 per week, this is the video you need to check.

In this part of the video, I’ll be showing you 5 tricks that you need to apply if you want be able to make money. You don’t need a college or university degree to make this happen. The most important thing is to prepare your mindset.

The 5 mindset changes or shifts you need to make are:

1. You need to believe in yourself, and believe you are worth $1000 per week. If you don’t believe that number to start out with, you will never be able to make an income of $1000 per week.

2. Understand your why. If you need to have your why so clear, if your why is not clear, you will not be able to find what you need to find, because hey… You are not clear yourself, so why do you expects others to be able to help you out with. Having your why clear, makes it so much easier to make things happen like creating an active income of $1000 or even a passive income of $1000 per week.

3. Learn to free up your time. If you want to make money, the first thing is to learn to prioritize your own time. If you can’t free up time, how do you expect to make extra money? Money can be made, if you put in time. If you believe your current value is only $4 per hour, because you work in a supermarket or as paperboy, well, then, making that $1000 will take you 250 hours. But if you can scale up, or niche down, you will be able to make more per hour, and then you have to work fewer hours. Calculation is simple, so start thinking

4. Figure your path to a $1000. Now like the previous point, you have freed up your time, now have the calculation clear on how to make that $1000 on money per week. What can you do, what skills do you have that you are able to make money with. Lay out your plan and create the path to your $1000 per week.

5. Solve a burning problem. If you know what apple does with their iphones back in 2007, is that they solved a burning problem in the smart phone world, they knew the world was ready for a smart phone, they delivered that, and solved a problem. Same goes for jeff bezos, creating amazon, finding his own niche in selling books online, and later on becoming the biggest online e-commerce platform, selling off products that you need.. He solved a burning problem, and that’s why we are giving him a lot of money… Like, take my money now! Haha :)

With the 5 mindset steps, you should be ready to make that $1000 per week. If you have checked out this video, be sure to check out the other video.

If you watch this video on the day of release, the other video will be released later this week. If you watch this video at a later point, I’ll be linking the video, here down below.