In this video I will show you 4 tricks that you can use and apply to invest after a stock market crash, and especially the one we had this year in 2020. So be sure to check out today’s video.

The 4 tricks I discuss are:
1. Diversify asset classes. By not being stuck to only one asset class, you do not have to worry, if one asset is going downwards, since you still have other asset classes that will still keep the boat from sinking.

2. Creating insurances. Now, this is not the insurance we know as from an insurance company, but in-suring your money to be safe by knowing how market cycles go and run. If one market is going well, why not invest the profit made from that market, into another market that is going a little less… This way you will spread your own risk over the markets, and when the winning market is crashing, you have already taken out the extra profit and invested it in the other markets.

3. Buying systematically, and spreading your wins. This one needs a bit more of an explanation. But watching the video will give you an example. This explains why you should invest systematically, and focus on getting more wins than worrying about risks and losses… The biggest problem with people is that they worry about the risks too much, causing them to take no-action at all. But be sure to check out the exercise in the video, I hope you like that one ;)

4. Investing in red dividend stocks. Now dividend stocks are an interesting lot to begin with, but especially when there are red days, or red weeks, or even red months, the best thing to do.. Is to buy cheap, high yields, and holding on to them… And if you want to, you may sell them off at a later point, but holding onto them is certainly a way to keep them nice and warm for yourself.

So be sure to try out these tricks when you want to be making some money after a stock market crash like we have in 2020, to be making some remaining money for the rest of the year.